Explanation of Friday Confessions

So Wendy asked me what Friday Confessions is exactly. Let me explain. As a 22, almost 23, year old, I have things that I've done and things that I think about that I normally just keep to myself. As a way to be honest with myself I feel like I should share these things. Not like a Catholic confession where I say I've sinned, no these are just things I usually keep secret that I wish to share. I will not be asking for forgiveness because while we all have things that we regret such as what if situations, etc., I think life is too short to beg forgiveness for our personal decisions. So from now on, every Friday I will confess something to you guys, it may be something dark, it may be something funny, and it may be down right weird because lets face it, I am a little weird lol, but it will always be genuine. If you guys want to participate you can add your confessions to the comments area. Later this may evolve into something more but for now it is just a weekly thing I host at my blog. Hope you guys will drip by every Friday to see what I have to say and I hope you guys feel comfortable enough to join in.

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