Found a Place Where I Feel Comfortable!

I'm sorry I've missed a few Fridays. So much has been going on in my life. I moved to a new place so I'm no longer living with my mom, then I had a bout of depression that I had a pretty hard time kicking, and things have pretty much been a little crazy. Today I woke up at 8 in the morning freezing my tail off because my heater wasn't working. Come to find out I had to throw the breakers for the house to get everything working again and the stupid breaker box was outside. I figured as long as I was awake I may as well get dressed and go to church... Yep I said it CHURCH.

I've been interested in the Unitarian Univeralist Church for a long time. A couple of years ago I desperately wanted to be closer to like minded people so I asked several of my online Pagan friends where a good place would be to start looking for those like minded people. I was directed to the Unitarian Universalist Church. For one reason or another I never got to attend until today, and I absolutely love it! It isn't a Christian Church. They welcome people of every faith, even atheists which technically have no faith, at least not in a higher power. I never thought I could feel so at home, so accepted, and so comfortable in a church. I am now working on becoming a full fledged member. For you guys that desperately want to meet like minded people, look up your area Unitarian Universalist Church. Check out the Unitarian Universalist Associations website to find a church near you. I promise you it's not a "you better believe in Jesus or you are going to hell" type place. I really think you will like it there. Also, if you're in the Lubbock, Tx area consider coming to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Lubbock. I never thought I would be promoting a church, but I really and truly love this place!

Anyway, on another subject, I found a wonderful open area to take Princess walking. There were several other people there walking their dogs as well. I'm not letting Princess off leash yet because she gets way too excited and doesn't listen to me in new places but she's still young (only 16 weeks) and she'll learn. She really enjoyed our walk today. I liked the area too. My only concern is all the litter scattered everywhere by the other people "enjoying" the area. I'm considering taking a trash bag with me the next time Princess and I go walking so I can slowly clean up the areas that Princess and I walk in. Here's a picture of the place we found:

I took the picture with my phone so it's not the best ever but it shows you a little of the area at least. I'm really enjoying life now. I'll be looking for a job on Tuesday and I'm keeping myself busy and finding things to do. I am loving being involved in things around here. I'm hoping to get Princess into a training class soon because she needs the socialization and because she decided to pee and poop on my roommate's bed. I cleaned it as best as I could but it still stinks so I'll be looking on craigslist soon to find a bed to replace this one unless any of you guys know a secret on getting urine and feces smells out of mattresses. I don't understand why Princess is doing that, she knows better and she likes my roommate so why is she pottying on his bed? Anyway, I hope things are going well with all of you guys as well. Blessings to you all.


Tom said...

Welcome to the UUA! We not only appreciate pagans in our congregations, we honor the Earth-centered faiths as one of the sources of Wisdom from which we draw our shared faith.

You might look in to the Covenant of UU Pagans. or CUUPs, if you are interested in a more focused, organized pagan experience.

If you ever find yourself in Dallas on a weekend, come see us at Horizon UU and look me up!


BoondockWitch said...

looks wonderful! hi i stumbled on your blog. looks great! cant wait to read some more ! its all interesting. well hope all is well and i hope to see you around. Blessing.

The Boondock witch

Jon said...

I'm glad you've found a place you like!