An Adventure on the Baseball Diamond

The other day my dog and I had a crazy adventure at the baseball diamond near the house. My friend Ari came over with her dog Solo to go walking with me and Princess. Well we decided to go down to the big park near the house which has an enclosed baseball diamond, a huge area with dried up ponds that has trails to walk around on, and several other things. We originally were going to walk around the dried up ponds but we decided we wanted to go somewhere where the dogs could get off leash and just be dogs so we started toward the baseball diamond. On our way there my next door neighbor's dog (whom I hate!!!!) decided it wanted to come with us too and started running all over the street and teasing our dogs about being on their leashes. This of course caused our dogs to start pulling on us because they wanted to chase the other dog. Normally pulling wouldn't be a big deal but Solo is an 80 pound pit bull and Princess is a 35 pound pit bull (for now, remember she's still growing). Poor Ari just got pulled all over the place. She's my height (5'6") but she only weighs about 100 pounds so her dog weighs almost the same amount she does. Through the walk I just got my arm pulled on, but I watched Ari get spun around, almost get knocked down, nearly get jerked to her knees, and so many other things. Mind you the baseball diamond is only one block from my house!

We finally get to the baseball diamond and think "Yes!!!! Now we can just lock the other dog out and let ours off leash and have a break from being beat up by them!" So we run in through the gate and slam it closed in the other dog's face and celebrate for a second (we had to have a small victory dance lol). We took the leashes off and happily sat down in the dugout ,watching the dogs run and be silly and play with each other, all the while laughing at the other dog which is trying to play with our dogs through the fence. All of a sudden we notice the other dog got in and our dogs are joyfully playing with him and we turn to each other, faces matching with that "OH SHIT" look that is pretty universal no matter where you're from, because we realized if he can get in, our babies can get out and there's some pretty major construction going on around the baseball diamond. So we go running to see if maybe it's just a small hole that the little dog got through and find there's a huge TRUCK ENTRANCE in the damn OUTFIELD!! Why anyone would have a truck entrance in the outfield of a baseball diamond I will never know, but our babies decided that was their chance to get to explore. So Ari and I run full force trying to catch our dogs all the while yelling at Solo and Princess "Come on baby we gotta get back in the diamond. Come here guys," and reaching for whichever dog we happened to be closest to. Princess is joyfully running around and pretending to let me get close to her then darting off again and Solo is bounding around behind her.

Finally Ari is able to catch Solo and even though I wasn't able to catch Princess, she decided she wanted to follow her buddy. So back into the baseball diamond we go. We are trying to herd our dogs back to the dugout because we forgot to take the leashes with us and the dogs now had to be back on leash because some wacko decided to put a truck entrance in an outfield and the dogs are more interested in the little dog that had followed us. So Ari decides we should run and maybe that would excite the dogs enough to chase us. She starts running and Princess is hot on her heels, but Solo is still playing with the other little dog. I walk up to him and go "Okay Solo, come on, we gotta get back to your Mommy," and he kind of looks at me with this look in his eye like "Um whatever, I wanna play here." So I start herding him and the little dog back to the dugout. We finally get there and have both dogs safely on leash and sit down in the dugout again letting the dogs and ourselves cool off, all the while trying to come up with ways to ditch the stupid neighbor dog. We finally decide to head back to my place to get water for the dogs and as we're walking out of the gate Ari says "Hey, why don't we just close the gate with that dog still in it and maybe we can get a head start on it." Well, I didn't think it would work because that dog is the one that found it's way into the baseball diamond. Our dogs would've never known about that truck entrance if it wasn't for that dog, but we did it anyway, because hey the dog could still get out, it wasn't like we locked him in there with no way to get out and get back home. As we're walking away it just stands at the gate and watches us walk away.

We get back to my house and I set out two bowls of water for our babies. We happily sit on the front porch letting the dogs slurp their water, and enjoying the nice warm pretty day. The dogs finally start calming down and laying together, so Ari and I kick back and start enjoying the sun. All of a sudden we both get ripped out of our sun worship by both dogs slamming into the ends of their leashes. We look up and that damn neighbor dog is back again. Ari laughs and says "Well I guess that's the end of our peace and quiet until we decide to leave," and I reply, "God I hate that dog!!!!" We had a good laugh on the porch while I threw leaves at the dog to make it go home and that was the end of our adventure.

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