In an effort to start writing more here at the blog and get back into the swing of things I thought I would stop by Pagan Blog Prompts and find a prompt to write about today. There are always pretty good prompts over there and don't let anyone tell you you're a bad writer just because every now and then you need a prompt to get your juices flowing. Anyway, gardening is the most recent prompt and I figured it would be a good idea to start there.

I've always loved gardens and flowers and plants. Mom always had flowers inside and out and they were always lovely. Gram could make anything grow, which is something I could never figure out lol. When she and Granddad moved to the ranch Gram died at there was a bean plant wrapped around a tree that was completely dead, there was no saving it according to the previous owner. Well Gram was always of the firm belief that everything and everyone could be saved with the right amount of love, so every day she went out there and watered that tree and bean plant and soon had it growing like never before. I've personally always wished to be that way.

Over the years I've tried my hand at growing different things. When I was around 19 I had some small potted plants that I had started from seeds that grew well until I had a mishap at the apartment I lived at and the plants then became neglected. I've tried several times to grow lavender because I am in love with lavender but it apparently doesn't love me back because it always dies. I've tried starting it from seed and it will germinate and look promising and then just wither and die, and I had a grown plant that I bought from a nursery that died within a week (but I think I was over watering it). I am not one to give up, especially if I've had some successes, so the other day when I was at Target I came across these cute little growing kits for $1 and had to have them. One is mini roses and the other is forget me nots. The seeds are guaranteed to grow and they come with their own little pot and one of those little dehydrated potting soil disks. They are currently sitting in the window and I am anxiously awaiting any growth they will show.  I'm just hoping they will survive my nephew who thought they were just really cool buckets of sand, and Princess who knocks them out of the window any time she sees any kind of activity outside.

I'm planning on starting a few seeds in pots outside along the porch and maybe planting some bulbs in the flower bed under my spare bedroom's window. I haven't really decided on the plants yet, I was hoping to have Mom go with me and help me pick out some stuff, but I am excited to have my own flowers at my house. After all the craziness that has happened at this house, like the break in, etc., I just know the flowers will help get rid of any lingering negativity and bring happiness and peace back into this house. So, tell me about your garden... Are you planning on starting some small potted plants? Do you have a huge set up? Whatever you have I'm sure it is magickal!

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