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I've made some changes to the website, based on everyone's suggestions. Keep the suggestions coming and I'll keep making it better! I currently do not have a permanent, brick and mortar salon because I have not finished school just yet. I should be finished in October. I just want to get things rolling and doing things like building the website keeps me focused. Your suggestions help me perfect everything before the salon is ever open and I greatly appreciate it. Click here to see the changes made based on your suggestions! I've added an FAQ section to help explain what gel nails and silk wraps are, a party section, and combined the cancellation and sanitation policies into one section to keep the pages section uncluttered. Also, what did you think of the booking software? Was it easy to use or confusing? Currently I am using a free online booking software, but I may change it when I open the salon depending on how good this one is and whether I like it or not and whether you guys like it or not. There are no pictures of the salon up at the moment, again because there is no physical salon lol, but as soon as I find a physical salon after I finish school, I will be adding pictures of the salon and so on. I also need help with creating a logo. Do any of my creative friends have any suggestions based on the name of the salon, what the salon stands for, the fact that the salon is eco-friendly? I really appreciate everyone brainstorming with me and helping me with all of this.

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Birgit said...

Hi there,

Thanks to Anna’s great Practical Magic blog party website I know that you are taking part in the event. I have pondered how to participate and thought it would be neat to post anonymously people’s thoughts and/or secrets regarding the movie. Sites which inspired me are:

Post Secret
Walt Disney Confessions

Those thoughts or secrets could e.g. be “I have already watched the movie 1,000 times,” “I wish I had a sister like Gilly,” “The aunts’ house is my dream house,” “I have dreamt about Jimmy” etc. Anything which comes to your mind when you think of “Practical Magic.”

If you feel like helping me out, be sure to send me your thought/secret as soon as possible at swappinghowdies@yahoo.de. Of course, I handle each “confession” anonymously. And – please nothing x-rated!

Greetings from Germany,