I Graduated Today!

Well not totally. I still have to complete a few hours. I'll be 100% done on Tuesday, but we had our graduation ceremony today. I was informed last minute that I would be included in the graduation ceremony so Mom wasn't able to come since the ceremony was today and I was told today that I would be part of it. At 3:45 I was still dressed in my school uniform which is all black with a hideous black apron, when I noticed that all the other people graduating today were dressed in nicer clothes. I went out to my truck praying I had a nice top that was clean stashed in there somewhere and quickly changed and took my hat off and my hair out of my ponytail. My friend Dana and her son and boyfriend were the only ones able to come last minute. I, of course, was the only one that was informed last minute, so everyone else had family there.

I was the first one called, and I felt like they were trying to make it seem like, "Oh look at that poor little girl, she has no one here for her, she had a lot of obstacles to overcome to finish school, oh that poor baby." I was very angry that I wasn't even given a chance to inform my family so they could be there for me, and I hated feeling like a charity case when the owner of the school told everyone about how I had a lot of things to get through to get here and so on. I was pissed that my mom couldn't be there and I was vaguely alone. On top of that, the closer I get to being completely finished the more I realize Gram isn't here to watch me finish or to be my state board model. I'm glad to be holding my diploma, but I wish they hadn't made me their charity case. I'm not a charity case. When I started the course I paid for it in full without the help or benefit of financial aid, I supplied my own supplies all throughout school, and my parents have helped by supplying gas money, lunch money, and so much more. I am no one's charity case.

I was extremely disappointed that none of my family could come because the school short changed me again. I had teachers take pictures and text them to me just so I could send them to Mom. Crystal, my nail tech teacher, asked if I wanted anyone to come or anyone there. Of course I did, but because they decided to tell me I would be part of the ceremony on the day of the ceremony, none of my people were able to come. My parents have jobs. They can't just leave at the drop of a hat. It was just a bullshit day altogether, but I'm glad that I hit that milestone. Now I've got tomorrow, Saturday, and Tuesday left and I'll be completely finished.

On a different note, the moving service was paid today. They'll be out as scheduled on Tuesday to move my house. The city of Whiteface has been working on prepping my land for my house, and my little brother and friend will be here tomorrow evening to help me pack my house and load up all my stuff and Saturday evening we will all drive back down to my mom's and wait for the movers to get my house there. Monday I will sign the paperwork on my land and officially be a land owner. Monday evening I'll drive back to Amarillo, stay with Dana, go to school for the last time on Tuesday then go back to Mom's. So that's everything that's going on. I need to find the serial number for my house so I can complete the paperwork for the movers so I can fax it to them tomorrow and clean a little at my house before my little brother and friend get here tomorrow so I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Blessings, light and love.


Dirgesinger said...


I know I was away too long, but I will try to catch up:) Congrats to your graduation! I can imagine how pissed off you were, that was unfair to do, but you get out of it in the end:)

Judy said...

Wow...Lots going on in your life...and with graduation, you'll start a business or join an existing one...it was a bummer the way graduation began...but it ended with you moving forward...good luck...

Shaiha said...

I am sorry that the school treated you like that. You know from what I have read about that school, I think that I would be reporting them once you graduate. That way they wont' be able to treat anyone else so poorly.