I've Got News!

I found a new witchy friend! I've actually gone to school with her for a while, and we've been talking and hanging out for a while. I just found out today that she is Wiccan. Out of respect for her, I'm not going to say her name, but I was so excited when I just decided to ask her what religion she was and she told me Wiccan! So exciting! I've had a couple of witchy friends before. One that I met was from Virginia. We'd gone to school together at SPC. Her energy was wacky and weird. You know when you feel someone's energy is off, like they've got a major mental illness, or some sort of weird sickness? That's how she felt to me. I'm not talking about her being bipolar or something like that, I mean some sort of major mental illness. Our energies didn't meld well together, and she had some beliefs that were opposing to mine. She was also the kind of person that played "Poor pitiful me, everyone treats me wrong, I need things handed to me, etc., etc., etc." Needless to say, that friendship didn't end well. Then there was Ari's mom. I loved her, and loved spending time talking to her, learning from her, but Ari was so jealous of us getting close. So, that friendship didn't work out either because her weird, jealous daughter couldn't stand the idea of anyone else getting close to her friends. So I am excited to have met a friend that is as normal as I get.

Okay, off that subject and on to the next one. I said goodbye to my favorite client today. Unfortunately, today was the last day that I got to work on her at the school. I'll be moving 2 hours away after I finish school, or I have a sneaking suspicion that she would have followed me. I knew before hand that this would be our last appointment, so I made a small gift bag for her, as a thank you for everything she did for me, known and unknown. She was the client I looked forward to every week. No matter what was going on in my life at the time, she always somehow made it better. I cannot describe the wonderful bond we had, but I will say that after she got in her truck to leave, I snuck off to a hiding place and cried. I'm going to miss her so much. Saying goodbye to her was so hard. I know I can't just stay on at the school forever and ever just because of my one favorite client, but I wish things had worked out to where I could still see her after graduating.

Anyway, I'm still waiting on my little brother and my friend to show up. My friend apparently thinks it's okay to wait until the absolute last minute to show up tonight, but I have to get to school early tomorrow since I'm completely booked with it being my next to last day. I will not be staying up late tonight, and if I get woke up by my little brother and friend coming in late tonight someone will get words they don't want to hear thrown at them. So yeah, there's what's going on in my life now. Light, love, and brightest blessings!

Also, I forgot to mention it, but I will be changing the url to the blog soon. I'll post a countdown to the day of the change on the sidebar, and I'll update the html for my button. When the url change happens, please be sure to grab a new button so the html will be correct and will send readers to the correct page.


Rue said...

I've got news too! You won my Spirits of October giveaway #2 - the book "Awakening to the Spirit World!"

Please email me your mailing address to: rueandhyssop (AT) gmail (DOT) com and I'll send that right out to you!


Jen (Rue)

LYNDY WARD said...

Salutations, don't forget to come join the Witches Tea Party.

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Hauntingly Yours,
Lyndy & All My Black Cat Familiars

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog post. I hope you had a good weekend. Sorry to hear you lost a client but at least you've gained another friend. Hugs.