Update: Missing That Jolly Halloween Feeling

Thank you to Aine and Deborah for their wonderful comments. They really made me feel better. I just thought I would take some time out to let you guys know everything that's going on. The last time I wrote, the rv park I live in was making me get rid of my dog. I took her to my mom's where she's safest, and told you guys that I am moving. I am still moving, but let me tell you what happened when I got back from Mom's house. I pulled into my driveway late at night, like 1 am, and find a note on my door stating that I have to get rid of my dog and that I have to move my house by November 1st at 11 am. I had never received a phone call in the 2 days that I was at my mom's and when the whole issue with my dog and the mace happy electric company worker happened, the main manager of the park didn't even handle his issues himself, he made some other person come up to my house and tell me my precious doggy had to leave. Then when I called the office he supposedly wasn't there, and I informed the person working the desk of what she could tell him. No it wasn't nice words.

Nothing ticks me off worse than a damn coward. If you don't have the guts to tell me this kind of stuff to my face, or even over the phone, you're gonna piss me off worse than I would be for you just telling me to leave. Be a man or woman and tell me in something more than just a little piece of paper. Heck yeah there are things in my life that I'd rather chew my foot off than do, but guess what ... we're grown ups and we have to put our big people undies on and deal with it. So yeah, I'm more than pissed at this horrible rv park, for more reasons than one. I think it's hilarious that they taped that piece of paper to my door saying I have to leave after I had informed them that they are the worst place to rent from on the planet and that they had lost business with me. Mike Marty is a yellow bellied cur and should be drug in the street and beat with a brand new rodeo rope.

However, despite my extreme anger at this horrible place, things are going wonderfully well. I called a house moving company, dreading what price they were going to quote me on moving my house well over 130 miles across Texas, and they were amazingly helpful, informative, and reasonable on price. You'll never guess the price they quoted me, so I'll just tell you ... $1,400. That includes moving it 130 miles across Texas and leveling it for me. I've praised the gods several times for that blessing, and Deborah, I'm going to thank you as well since you've been keeping me in your thoughts. I bought 4 city lots in Whiteface, where my mom lives, for $3,300, and I'll be moving my house there. Two of the lots are meant for my house, and the other two are meant for my nail salon. Blessing after blessing keeps coming my way, and I keep praising and thanking the gods for these amazing windfalls.

My little brother and a friend are coming up this weekend to help me disconnect the house from sewage, water, and electricity, and to pack, so it will be all ready to move on Tuesday when the moving company gets here. I'll leave Saturday evening and stay with Mom so I can sign all the paperwork needed for my lots and such on Monday, then Monday evening I'll come back up and stay with my friend Dana so I can finish up my last day in school on Tuesday, then it's back down to Whiteface to start the work on plumbing the lot my house will be sitting on so I can hook up my house. It seems like a whole lot of driving and a lot of work, but I'm so excited to get out of this town that the work seems like nothing. School's going a little better. I'm just so totally ready to be finished! I'm going to schedule my written exam as soon as I get my hours and just take it in Lubbock. Then when it comes time to take my practical Mom and I will drive up here to Amarillo for the test and go home afterwards. It will be at least a month or so before I can start working, and I'm looking forward to the down time. That gives me time to work on different techniques I've seen online and test a couple different products I'm interested in before swearing by them in the salon.

Things, so far, are going exactly according to plan. I'm counting my lucky stars and thanking everyone who has had me in their prayers, thoughts, energy workings, or whatever it is you beautiful darlings do. I've realized that although yes I'm having a lot of issues here in this city and I can't wait to get back to my small town America, but a lot of the stress is brought on because I haven't been centered or grounded. I've lost my connect with my Mother Earth. The energy in my home is discordant, my personal energy is twisted and obscured, and my mind is a bigger mess than 10 jigsaw puzzles thrown on the floor and mixed together. Today I made a conscious effort to center and ground myself while driving to school. It made a major difference. So, I am making a promise to myself ... I am going to wake up a little earlier the next few days so I can spend time centering and grounding myself every morning before school. In the afternoons I am going to try to scrape out some time to meditate, even if only for a few minutes. I miss meditating so much. Maybe once school is over I'll do a short segment on centering, grounding, and meditating. Maybe I'll start sharing my meditations again. We'll see on those, but I will keep you informed on the daily things I'll be doing the next few days. I love my amazing readers so much! You guys have been an amazing blessing as well.

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I'm glad to hear things are going better!