My Many Blessings From The Goddess

I don't want to make this post extremely long, but I wanted to take the time to talk about a couple of the blessings the Goddess has bestowed on me. This is actually mainly going to revolve around the Goddess blessing me with wonderful, understanding friends.

Last night, Mom and I were talking on the phone, she had called to ask Miss K some algebra questions to help out my little brother with his homework and then she talked to me for a while. We started talking about tarot cards. I currently own two decks of tarot cards, The Halloween Tarot, and Druidcraft Tarot. My mom loves my Druidcraft Tarot cards and has been trying to convince me to give them to her for a long time. This resulted in me telling her I would buy her a deck of her own. So, in true broke college student style, I log onto Amazon.com and start looking for good deals on tarot cards. I refuse to buy used cards because I don't know the people they are coming from but on Amazon sometimes you can find new unopened decks for a lot cheaper.

So, you guys need to know something about me ... I am highly addicted to tarot cards. Currently I only own two decks of tarot cards and one deck of Fairy Oracle Cards, but I have several decks on my Amazon wishlist that I am just patiently waiting to obtain. So, after I find a deck of Druidcraft Tarot cards for my mom for $13.32 new, I begin browsing all the other decks and yearning for them lol. Miss K walks in and goes "What are you doing? You're looking at your computer screen like it is your long lost lover." I explain to her my addiction to tarot cards and pull out my two decks plus my Fairy Oracle Cards. Miss K was fascinated with them which surprised me because Miss K does not believe in the tarot, she doesn't like the idea that your life is planned out. I tried explaining to her that that isn't what tarot cards are all about but the time I tried explaining that to her she was in a bad mood and not hearing anything about it. Now she understands a lot better.

So Miss K and I mess around with my cards for a while and I leave the cards out over night. The idea was I would be sleeping so who in the world would be able to mess with my cards. So I get up today at 10 am to get ready for class at 11, walk out the door at 10:50 and walk to class, leaving my cards out on my coffee table. I get to class and find out it has been canceled and have a conversation with another classmate, go to lunch, spend time with friends during lunch, then head back to my room. I walk in the door and the cards are still on the coffee table. I wasn't expecting company for a while so I started to clean my bedroom. The plan was to tidy my bedroom first, then start working on the living room.

So while I'm tidying my room, I hear a knock at the door. I didn't think anything of it, didn't consider covering the cards that are sitting out in plain sight on my coffee table in the middle of my living room. I open the door and my friend Mr. J is there. He comes over to watch tv, play video games, shoot pool, and fix my window. Mr. J didn't know that I am Pagan. I've been in his room and he has a Buddha and Shiva in his room but I didn't know if he knew what those symbols meant or if he just liked them. Well, I couldn't very well slam the door in his face just to put away the tarot cards and then let him back in, can anyone say RUDE!

So I open the door and he walks in and before he can say anything I say, "Please excuse the tarot cards, I haven't had a chance to put them away yet." I braced myself for anything bad that might happen and he excitedly says, "I want to see your tarot cards!" I was so surprised because I hadn't really known how he would respond. But, the deeper I get on my own path, the more I realize if my friends find out, then freak out, they aren't real friends and they aren't worth my time. So Mr. J now knows that I am Pagan, and as I write this, he is sitting on my bed talking to me about all kinds of randomness while he cuts his nails.

My point of this is post is that the Goddess has blessed me with friends that are open-minded and understanding. I am so thankful for the friends the Goddess has blessed me with. My wish is that everyone will be blessed with friends like mine.


Sarita Rucker said...

Yes, there are people who are very supportive, and it's a joy to find them. :)

I actually go to school at a Catholic University, and I haven't had trouble yet. I even wear a pentacle ring all the time, so it's not like I'm even trying to hide it. Of course, I'm in the Northwest, which is pretty liberal.

Kelsey the Ewok said...

My friends are fairly understanding about my tarot cards. They ask me to do readings for them; I'm glad to, but I think they think of Tarot as more of a game, than as divination. I guess that helps keep them from freaking out too badly. I wish my mom was more open-minded like your mom is, though. I am 'in the broom closet', so to speak. Even my friends are not aware that I'm a witch. I so badly wish to be more open with my friends and family about my religion and I know in my heart that my friends won't think badly of me for my religious path but I have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I pull out the Tarot cards and consider telling my friends about my religion. I've already tried talking to my parents about it and they won't hear anything about 'that evil stuff' or 'that vampire sh*t' (that's what my mom calls anything/everything from vampire novels/movies to Gothic fashion and metal music).

I really enjoy reading your blog. I am an early college student so I'm a High school junior but already a college freshman too. I don't have to worry about dorm rules but living at home with my parents is about as difficult. I read a lot of blogs about Pagans in college and how they deal with dorm rules and roommates and stuff like that. You're very lucky to have a separate room in your dorm rather than a tiny standard one where you have no private space. As far as working within the rules of dorms go, have you considered using those new flame-less candles that come in different colors and scents instead of regular candles? I'm sure they're more expensive but they could be a worthy investment!

Willow Silverhorse said...

To Sarita, I'm glad to hear that where you are is pretty liberal. Here in the small town my university is in, things are pretty liberal as well. To be honest with you, I think this town attracts what some Christians would call weirdos lol but I love it here. There are many open-minded people that are great.

Willow Silverhorse said...

To Kelsey the Ewok, I'm sorry to hear about your parents. My mom started out like that but I've been studying magick since I was 15. Mom bought my first book but she was very apprehensive about it. After she read it with me she's been totally cool and is very encouraging. I'm basically in the broom closet as well. I've never hidden it from my parents or any of my friends who care to ask but I do have to hide it from my grandparents. However, my deepest wish has always been that someday, people will open their eyes and realize we're not bad.

And thank you for reading my blog! I enjoy writing it, it started out as a way to just vent and get things off my chest but now that I have some followers it's become even more, a way for me to connect with others and enjoy other Pagan's company. About the dorm situation, I am very blessed. I actually chose the university I'm at in part because of the dorms, and also because I felt a calling to be here. About the flameless candles, are you talking about the ones that you have to put on those candle warmers? Or do you mean some other kind? We're not allowed to have candle warmers because they are similar to hot plates, along with coffee makers, george forman grills, and anything with open flames. However, contradictory to that we are allowed to have curling irons and hair straighteners, go figure lol!