Who Says Mondays Have To Suck!

Today is a wonderful Monday for me. I woke up early with the boyfriend which was nice, because I would like to be a fairly normal member of society and wake up at normal hours during the day. So while I was tired at 9:30 this morning after getting to sleep after 4 this morning, I felt like I had accomplished a great accomplishment in my life. Then I called Miss J because she had been worried about Mar's friend staying here with me (which by the way, he is a very nice young man with amazing manners) and after she found out I had not in fact been murdered in my sleep by the stranger in my house she informed me that she is pregnant! She's been trying for a few years now and she'd stopped trying lately because she decided she wanted to wait a little longer, then she found out today that she is pregnant!

So I've spent most of the day spending time with her and talking to the stranger in my house who is quickly becoming a friend. I've also accomplished writing a little more in my book, which I am very proud of. It's nice to get back into it. The story just fell over me like a favorite blanket. So in all honesty, my Monday has been terrific!

Also, on a blog note. There is still time for you guys to sign up for the Inspiring Witch's Halloween Blog Party, leave me a comment or contact me if you want to join in on the fun! Also, to those of you that have already signed up, please check the links I've put up. If you don't see your blog there please contact me and I will fix it, and if your link is incorrect let me know so I can fix it! Also, make sure to come by tomorrow because there's another giveaway happening! It will post tonight at midnight. For a little sneak peek of what's being offered go by Agony's Decay! Also, because I want to go all out for Halloween, if you would like to contribute to a giveaway contact me and let me know! I'm still looking for several more giveaway opportunities for this month!


Wandering Willow said...

That sounds like a wonderful Monday! Our Monday was also really great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy said...

I usually hate Mondays so this was a really nice post to read. I love hearing about the "stranger," does he mind you being a witch, Willow?

Shaiha said...

Isn't it wonderful when strangers become friends? Sometimes the universe becomes involved and introduces to people that become important to us.