I've started working on a workbook called the 2011 Goddess Year Workbook. It's a pretty awesome thing. It got me thinking about a lot of things that I would like to work on for personal growth this year. I don't know what it is about this time of year, when one year turns into another, but it always seems like everyone starts thinking about things they would like to work on or change during the coming year. Most of the time people don't really stick to their resolutions and there's nothing wrong with that, life happens, but I think if we set resolutions that are things we don't actually want to work on we won't do them anyway. So I got to thinking about the things I would really and truly like to improve in my life. Here are a couple of things I would like to improve.

1. I would like to learn more patience. I have my good days and my bad days, but I'd like to have more good days, when I don't mind standing behind the lady at Walmart that decided to pay for everything in change.

2. I would like to learn better organization skills. My idea of organizing right now is to pile stuff that seems similar in separate piles all over the place. This makes for a messy office and living space so I would like to learn how to better organize things.

3. I would like to be better about keeping my home clean. I'm not a slob, but let's face, sometimes you look at the vacuum and say "I hate you, I'm not using you today," and that turns in to not using it for a week and then you look down at your socks and go "OMG My floor is fricking filthy!" I dated a guy who was OCD and he freaked out about the tiniest speck of dust. I definitely don't want to be that bad, but I want to be able to have surprise visits from friends without going "OMG I really don't want them to see my house!"

Those are the main things I want to work on. In past years I've said things like I'm going to lose this much weight, I'm going to quit smoking, I'm going to quit drinking cokes, etc., but this year I'm going to go for things more tangible that I can force myself to do more easily than I could the other things. What are your resolutions this year?

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Dirgesinger said...

Being more patient, yes, thats one of my resolutions too:) And being more of a domestic angel, learn to sing (my baby would need taht but I have an ah-so awful voice:P), to respond to each letter in time, to... to... I have loads of resolutions:)