I Need Ideas

I spent a little bit of time looking back over old posts that I did before Grandma died, and I can't help but feel like the content I post now isn't as good as the content I posted before Gram passed. I'd like to start up a new weekly thing like I did when we were doing Self Empowering Mondays. Now, I feel like if I start Self Empowering Mondays back up it might help me as well as helping anyone else, but I also feel like that would be going backwards instead of forward. I've thought about doing several different types of things, but I've not really landed on one that I really feel inspired to do. Lend me some of your ideas... tell me what you think. What are you looking for? What kind of content would you like to see at Confessions of a Country Witch? With the new year coming up, I feel like it's time to add something new to the blog content, so let me know what you would like to see, and maybe we'll all settle on something we can all agree on :D

Here are a couple ideas I've come up with.

1. Meditation Mondays
A new meditation every Monday.

2. Tarot Tuesdays
A new tarot card every Tuesday and a discussion on it's meaning.

3. Witchy Wednesdays
A new spell or witchy something every Wednesday.

4. Thankful Thursdays
Something I'm thankful for every Thursday.

5. Friday's Confessions
A personal confession every Friday.

And a fleeting thought: Maybe bring back Self Empowering Mondays and add in Friday's Confessions? I'm not too keen on Thankful Thursdays because I can do that in my journal. I'm liking the idea of Tarot Tuesdays and I'm personally liking the idea of Friday's Confessions. If I was to do Friday's Confessions I figured I would share my confession and you guys could leave a confession in the comments. Give me feedback my friends :D


Anonymous said...

I had a daily theme on my blog for awhile. It was fun at first, but then became a lot of work...thus losing the fun aspect. How about just picking one or two days a week to have a theme? Keeps it fun, but less of an obligation.

Layla )O( said...

I think you should do Tarot Tuesdays, Witchy Wednesdays, and Friday Confessions.

Wendy said...

wow, what great ideas, Willow! As one who is a relative baby in the blog world, I haven't caught up with all of your blog days and themes. I love the tarot card day, the empowering day (which is a great way to start off the new year) and the confession day. Just remember to try and blog without obligation so blogging doesn't become a chore or a strict regiment for you.

Sara said...

great ideas. I would personally like to the self empowering mondays as I didnt know of your blog until recently and it sounds a geat idea. I also like the idea of Witchy Wednesdays and Tarot Tuesday. Whatever you decide make sure you are happy with it and I will be sure to participate, Hugs Sara