A Witches' Tea Party

Hello partiers! I'm a little late to the party, but I needed time to figure out what I wanted to contribute to the party. I sat down today and started watching TV. ABCFamily is doing their 13 days of Halloween, and tonight they are playing Practical Magic. I haven't watched that movie since last year at this time of year, even though I own it. I've been questioning a lot of things this year, and watching that movie (as funny as it may sound), made a lot of things click for me. So, my contribution tonight is my rededication to my path.

When we dedicate ourselves to our path, we make a promise to whatever deity it is we worship, to stay on the path we are on, to continue learning, and to keep faith. After the rough times that have happened, and the mental turmoil I've dealt with, this seems like the perfect time to rededicate myself. So, to share this with you, I'll include the prayer I will say to rededicate myself, and my simple ritual.

I light a candle, and sit in an area that is private where I know I won't be disturbed. Then I stare at the flame until I reach a meditative state and ground and center myself. This is so I can fully feel the energies of the earth flowing through me. I will stay in this state for a while, until I feel totally and completely relaxed and open. Then, while I'm in my meditative state, I will welcome the God and Goddess. This is the time for me to discuss intimate things with them. I'll tell them my hopes and dreams, worries and fears, and just let everything go, so my mind can start as a clean slate. Then I will say this prayer:

God and Goddess, hear me, your daughter Willow. 
This has been a long year, and I have strayed from my path a few times. 
On this Samhain eve, the time for endings and new beginnings, 
I rededicate myself to you and to my chosen path.
Bless me and hold me close, be with me as I walk the winding path of the craft. 
So mote it be.

After the prayer, I will come out of my meditative state and drink something sweet and eat something salty to help bring me back to earth. The feeling a person gets after a dedication ceremony is the most wonderful you can ever feel. No matter what religion you are, if you truly believe in what you are doing it will lift every worry, erase every stress, and make you feel whole and new again. Thanks for stopping by for the party! For more party fun click here or here to go back to the list of partiers!


Carmen Esposito said...

I love the movie Practical Magic. It resonates something deep inside me that no other movie about witches or magick has been able to do. Tomorrow evening I will be reflecting and connecting with the magickal energies that can be felt so strongly on this night. Thank you for reminding me that I can also take this time to rededicate myself to my path.

I’m not part of the Tea Party, but if you have time, please visit my blog where I wrote a bit of Flash Fiction in time for Halloween.

Here’s the link:

Have a happy and blessed Samhain!

Toriz said...

Excellent post; thanks for sharing! :)

Susan said...

Willow, that was lovely, and an awesome prompt for the rest of us!
Blessed Samhain! come visit my party, if is long(because of pics) and humorous, but everyone seems to like it. I have 3 giveaways also.